For support requests please contact the community
This Contact form is for contacting the Bitsquare team directly. If you require support or assistance with running the Bitsquare Application itself please make contact directly with the friendly Bitsquare community:
ยป Contact the Bitsquare community

Need to get in touch? Do you have questions or want to contact the Bitsquare team directly? You will probably get the fastest response if you ask your questions directly of the Community.

Or you can fill out the form below or send an email direct to:
team [at] bitsquare [dot] io (alternatively if you want to use PGP/GPG please email to manfred [at] bitsquare [dot] io using the GPG key with fingerprint: 1DC3 C8C4 316A 698A C494 039C F5B8 4436 F379 A1C6)

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