Bitsquare started in early 2014 as a proof of concept prototype by Manfred Karrer. Since July 2014 the community around Bitsquare has steadily been growing. The community is helping to distribute the work load, speed up application development and take care of non-core tasks like building this website.

Join the Bitsquare community

Would you like to join the Bitsquare community? We are actively looking for talented men and women to help Bitsquare reach the v1.0 release. If you’re interested in becoming involved there are a number of ways to participate:

• Mailing list

Bitsquare has an active Mailing List. To become part of the conversation, and learn more about where Bitsquare is up to, make sure you join the mailing list:
» Bitsquare Mailing List

• Bitsquare Forum

Join the conversation on our forum
» Bitsquare Forum

• Twitter

Please check us out on Twitter – @bitsquare_. Be sure to follow us so you never miss a tweet:
» Follow @bitsquare_ on Twitter

• IRC channel #bitsquare

If you’re looking to speak to the team, or hear what they’re talking about, then you can join us on the Freenode IRC network in the #bitsquare channel:
» Join the Bitsquare IRC Discussion

• GitHub

Bitsquare is an Open Source project and we use Github to manage the open tasks. From features, code changes, bug fixes and website changes – it is all tracked via GitHub. If you would like to lend a hand and join the project:
» Visit Bitsquare on GitHub
» View issues that could use more help

• Wiki

The Bitsquare Wiki is devoted to the day-to-day documentation required for managing the Bitsquare community. This is where we keep track of the road map, volunteers and so on. Do you want to volunteer to write a translation? Let us know on the Wiki! Want to contribute to the Bitsquare User Guide? That’s on the Wiki too! Check it out and contribute where you can:
» Bitsquare Wiki on GitHub

• Slack

Join the Bitsquare team on Slack
» Get your invite here

• Reddit

Visit the Bitsquare subreddit
» Go to r/bitsquare

• Telegram group

Visit the Bitsquare Telegram group
» Bitsquare Telegram group

• Videos

To learn more about Bitsquare make sure you take the time to watch our videos on Vimeo. Some of the videos are general in nature, but most are more technical and show the software in action:
» View Bitsquare Videos


Bitsquare is not a company and not operating customer care or support. Same as in Bitcoin itself there are no hotlines to call if you have problems. But there is a community which will help if you need support. Just get in touch over any of the above channels or contact the Bitsquare team.

If anything goes wrong in the application during a trade (due a bug or network issues) the software will display a “Open support ticket” button if the problem is recognized by the software. With that you get in contact with the arbitrator who will investigate the issue.

If a trade exceeds the allowed trade period (8 days for bank transfers, 1 day for most others) you get displayed a “Open dispute” button. Here you can contact the arbitrator who will resolve the problem.

Bitsquare team

The Bitsquare Team is made up of a decentralized group of skilled volunteers from around the world.